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THE CONTINUUM is the virtual community founding the dream space for the real-live in-person creations of Innerglowing Sanctuary.

Innerglowing Sanctuary is founded by Saeri Wilde on a star-team assignment to gather the best Wayshowers who are here to assist the great awakening and frequency shift on Earth.

While the collective goes through what it's going through right now, THE CONTINUUM is a space for our fractal family to come in out of the noise, let their bellies hang out, enjoy some long awaited belonging, find our teachers-friends-colleagues and do our good work in a resistance-free zone.

We're creating a culture that nourishes people to be themselves and be in service to the highest and best alignment. 


The heart and soul of THE CONTINUUM is founded in generously sharing our masterful network of Wayshowers.

Wayshowers are congruent heart-centered professionals who Saeri has worked with and can vouch for their excellence. 

Each month we feature an exquisite LIVE Zoom event from one of our Wayshowers, created just for our community.

Saeri Wilde, founder, also hosts monthly Zoom ceremonies & integration labs.

When we’re warmed up and ready, we intend to host courses and retreats as well as provide opportunities to be initiated into honored roles within our community of belonging. 

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